We are a community passionate about pets, health, you. Convinced that eating right, playing right, living right leads to a, healthier, happier, longer life. Committed to using holistic strategies to support, strengthen, heal. Researching, educating, learning, updating so that you and your pet can reach your highest potentials. Supporting, guiding, encouraging you to make the best choices. Why? Because we can all do better together.

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Gut Bacteria Predict Bowel Disease in Dogs. The type of bacteria found in a dog’s feces can accurately identify the presence of…MORE



We are a community passionate about pets, health, you! Resources provides links to members of our community who provide helpful services…MORE


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arf conducts and supports research consistent with our mission.  As projects are identified, funds raised, and results become available, details will be provided here…MORE


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How to Help. We need your help to bring our mission to life! Every action you take consistent with the mission of arf moves us closer. Click here to see how you can help…MORE

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