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Dog with a Job – Good Morning World!

Katie’s day starts out just like every other house dog. She gets out of bed, leaving the bone she slept with there, stretches, and heads to the water dish. After drinking, she checks to see if the food fairy left anything in her food dish, then she comes back into the bedroom to see if I am out of bed.… Read More →

Dog with a Job – Communication – Katie Style

Katie finds a coyote scent post, or a common marking place (with urine or musk). All coyotes that pass this log will mark it to say they were there Katie’s first official job was mountain lion patrol. The job came naturally to Katie and she didn’t need any training – all she had to do was alert those of us in the field if the mountain lion was near.… Read More →

Dog with a Job – Welcome to the Dog with a Job Blog

Hi! Let me introduce you to the Working Dog Blog: all about a working dog that is not a service dog. Dogs have been helping humans work for hundreds of years. We all know what a service dog is: a dog that helps a human companion with a physical or mental disability.… Read More →
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