Case Study – Chiropractic for Puppies


I had the chance to adjust a litter of Welsh Terrier puppies that were a little over one month old recently. Surprisingly, there was a lot to work on. This is probably due to birth and puppy romping trauma as well as docking of the tails! I am showcasing the first part of the adjustment where you can see my exam protocol using Applied Kinesiology to check for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) imbalance and tail docking scar treatment. So many good reasons to adjust the young ones!

Chiropractic ensures that the nervous system is functioning optimally by establishing correct motion in all the joints of the spine and body. When joints are not moving through their normal range of motion effectively, there is a loss of sensory perception input into the central nervous system and a corresponding loss of optimal nervous signaling to the muscles that allow for proper movement and function to the body. Simply put, chiropractic allows for the elimination of restrictions of motion which restores the healing potential of the nervous system. Trauma, use of the body, chemical and food stress, and emotional stress are some of the causes of loss of motion in the first place.

Case study provided by

Kevin Landau, DVM

Landau Veterinary Services, LLC

Belchertown, MA

Facebook: CLICK HERE

Puppy owned by

Anne Pelletier

Bremadog Welsh


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