Dog With A Job – Hello Spring!

DWJ Mar 1

Spring is in the air. The snow is melting, the temperatures are getting warmer, the dogs are shedding!  During winter we did a lot of office work and both dogs have cabin fever. They want to be out working everyday!

This past month has been a rough one. Kota got an internal infection and wasn’t doing too well. Things weren’t looking good for him at all and he lost a tremendous amount of weight. This delayed any training until he got better. Thankfully he pulled through and is doing wonderfully now! He is even starting to gain weight.  Basic obedience lessons are still being learned and now we are adding a “find the mountain lion” command into it. He is eager to show me he can do anything I ask him to, and he even brings me the scent bottle at work when he wants to go outside and “practice” finding lions. Kota has also taken on the role of protector while out in the field. He watches over Katie and me all the time. Katie is showing him the ropes of how to do field work and he is paying close attention.DWJ Mar 2

Katie was diagnosed with liver disease today. This was a surprising diagnosis. It was found on routine blood work when she went to the vet to have a tooth pulled. She is now eating Dr. Jean Dodd’s liver cleansing diet – white or sweet potato and fish – to help with her liver. Katie might be getting up there in age and slowing down a bit, but she is still anxious to go to work every day.


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