Dog with a Job – Sometimes you just have to goof off!

DWJ July 26 16

Kota has been teaching Annie and Jake how to find wildlife, but sometimes a guy just has to take a break and have fun!

Kota is really good at finding scat and scent posts, but still needs a little work in letting me know what he found.  He’s also teaching Annie and Jake how to work with us. We work on the trails and at home almost every chance we get. On this trip Kota was pointing out coyote sign and black bear sign earlier in the day, but sometimes, you just have to goof off! Kota decided to have fun splashing the other two dogs, me, and my friend with the camera. He was running straight at us full speed through the water, then at the last second he would change direction. We were all soaked but having fun. When we got back to the buildings, he was a little upset that the humans had to use the facilities. He was letting us know by yelling his disapproval at us, and Jake decided to join in.

DWJ July 26 16 2


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