Dog with Job – Kota Finds a Bobcat Trail!

Kota Bobcat

Kota did it!

We have been training to find mountain lion scent with Kota and I haven’t been seeing much progress, but the other day he proved me wrong! We didn’t find a mountain lion, but rather a bobcat trail. A family contacted our office with a concern about a cat like creature on their property. Bobcats are not common in this area of North Dakota, but observations have been increasing. When we got to the property, the owner pointed out that the cat creature was seen in the field and in the trees adjacent to the field, so down we walked to the area pointed out. It didn’t take long at all for us to start finding sign of predators in the area. Kota pointed out the coyote scat in the field about a minute after walking into it. Not what we were looking for, but good all the same. Then the bobcat trail caught his attention and he walked into the trees and proceeded to find a nice pile of bobcat scat. It was not too hard to determine what made this pile of poo. This was a major accomplishment for Kota! The trail this animal was using was evident, so the next day game cameras were placed in the area for visual conformation. The cameras will be picked up this week and the photos reviewed. Lets keep our fingers crossed we get some good images!


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