7 Easy Energy Hacks for a Supercharged Body



Are there tricks that can increase your energy and performance — that can supercharge your body? Yes, and the answer may be in something called ‘energy hacking’.  Energy hacking is optimizing your performance, health, and wellbeing with the help of technology and biological tools.

We live in a fast-paced world of

  • Working long hours
  • Moving our bodies less
  • Eating factory-farmed, instant, or fast food
  • Living under artificial light
  • Spending hours each day looking at computer screens, cell phones, or tablets
  • Living in a world of Wi-Fi signals and cell towers
  • Breathing and consuming polluted air, water and food
  • Traveling long distances by air and being exposed to radiation

These things drain our energy. The body need abundant free-flowing energy for good health and optimal performance. Fortunately, there are a variety of things that can supercharge our energy and bring the body back into alignment. Here are seven easy hacks, many of which can be used for your pet too.

HACK #1 – Water. When you saw ‘water,’ I bet you thought I was going to say drink more water. Not exactly. You can boost your energy by drinking ‘charged’ water. We grew up thinking that water could exist only as a liquid, solid, or gas. Science has discovered a new fourth phase of water – something called structured water. It is not a liquid, solid, or gas – it is more like a gel. The fourth phase of water exists in and bathes every cell of the body. Energy is increased when water is consumed in this fourth phase,.

HACK #2 – Grounding. With grounding (physically connecting with the earth), the body battery is recharged with the earth’s energy. This is a no or low cost way to reset the body’s energy.

HACK #3 – Temperature. Temperature adjustments can speed up metabolism and improve sleep. Cold stimulates the mitochondria to burn fat, accelerate healing, and improve performance. Heat amplifies the ability of the structured water in every cell to increase its capacity to power the body.

HACK #4 – Circadian Rhythm Control. Controlling circadian rhythm (i.e., keeping the body’s internal timekeeper properly attuned) supercharges energy, lowers body weight, and improves mood. Circadian rhythm control is achieved through movement, diet, temperature, and light management. Our addiction to electronics keeps the light shining 24/7.  This exposure can be adjusted without giving up electronics. Simple energy hacks to improve sleep also can optimize performance and mood.

HACK #5 – Movement.  Movement is the original energy generator. No matter the level of fitness, energy can be increased through exercise. Hint – the best exercise is play!

HACK #6 – Habits. Investing in good habits, like daily energy-boosting physical activities, participating in personal enrichment practices like meditating or even just counting our blessings supports an improved self-image, reduces guilt, and increases energy.

HACK #7 – Bioenergetics. Bioenergetic therapies include Reiki, polarity, NES Total WellNES system, and various bioenergetic tools. These therapies are used to identify and correct energetic distortions and blockages in the body and body field. Energetic distortions and blockages can lead to low energy, stress, poor sleep, headaches, joint and muscle aches and pains, digestive upsets, and many other physical symptoms.

Interested in learning more? Each of these energy hacks will be explored in greater detail in future posts.

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