April 2014 Tip – Vacationing With Your Dog

Vacation Dog

Many of us are beginning to think about our next vacation and considering taking our dog along. Vacationing with your dog requires additional planning and special consideration of the activities you want to do and whether your dog will be able to participate.

Many facilities advertise that they are pet friendly, but you should get details on exactly what that means before assuming you and your dog have unlimited options. Here are some questions you might ask before deciding how pet-friendly a location will be for you and your dog.

Where exactly are dogs permitted?

  • Hotel/Motel?
  •  Campground?
  • Beach?
  • Sidewalks? Walkways? Paths? Trails?
  • Local attractions such as stores, wineries, galleries or parks?
  1. Are there size or weight restrictions for the dog?
  2. How many dogs are permitted?
  3. Are there extra charges for dogs in the hotel or at attractions?
  4. Must the dog be on leash at all times?
  5. Are there dog-friendly areas where your dog can be off leash? Off-leash dog parks? Beaches?
  6. Are health certificates or proof of vaccination required?
  7. May dogs be left in hotel room unattended?
  8. Is there a doggie daycare center or pet sitting service onsite or nearby?
  9. Will air temperature and your dog’s comfort and safety limit things you can do with and places you can take your dog?

For more tips on traveling with your dog, check out the free Whole Dog Journal article on this topic written by Mardi Richmond ( http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/issues/14_6/features/Bringing-Your-Dog-On-Vacation_20281-1.html ).Vacation Dog


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