August 2014 Tip – Make Your Own Dog Treats!


SBS TREATSWhy make your own dog treats when you can so easily purchase them at your local grocery or pet food store?

Three reasons. First, the treats you prepare from ingredients obtained at your local grocery will be made from far higher quality ingredients than most commercial dog treats. Second, the huge number of pet food recalls due to contamination has included dog treats. Just Google ‘dog treat recalls’ and you’ll by amazed by the number of stories on the topic. By making dog treats or cookies yourself you can be assured that the ingredients are fresh and reduce the risks of feeding your dog tainted treats. Third, your dog with LOVE them!

It’s really not as hard as it might sound to make your own dog treats and there are plenty of resources out there to get you started. Some of my favorites are:

Once you make treats a few times, you might even begin to create your own recipes! Your dog will love you for it.


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