July 2013 Tip – Beat the Heat – take a swim!

Case Studies

The hot humid summer heat can be challenging for your dog. Humans regulate body temperature by sweating from pores located over much of the body. In contrast, most of a dog’s sweat glands are located around the pads of the feet, so sweating is not a very effective method of cooling down. Dogs rid themselves of excess body heat primarily by open-mouthed panting.

A simple and effective way to help your dog cool down is to spritz him with water, provide a tub of water or baby pool for him to walk or play in, or take him for a swim. Be sure to avoid stagnant water, which may harbor pathogens or be a haven for mosquitoes.

Some dogs, like Jordy in the video below, love the water. Others are more cautious and a tub of water or baby pool may be more suitable. If your dog is like mine, he will find some place to wet his feet in the hot weather, even if it is just his water bowl!


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