CATequette (Cat Etiquette)


Cat people just seem to know how to approach a cat, but dog people sometimes need a little help!

Greeting CATequette. ‘First date’ Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Use food or a toy to entice the cat to interact
  2. Try a slow, intentional blink to signal that you don’t mean any harm


  1. Don’t make the first move!
  2. Don’t make eye contact!
  3. Don’t grope the cat!
  4. Don’t hover!


When it comes to touching…


  1. When petting, use an gentle, open hand and keep to the back, shoulders, neck and top of head
  2. Allow the cat to decide if you can touch or hold!


  1. Don’t poke, pull, or grab
  2. Don’t touch paws, tail or tummy!
  3. Don’t make sudden moves, grab, or restrain the cat!


Thanks to our friend Dr. Karen Becker with Mercola Healthy Pets for these hints. Read more about proper CATequette.


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