Growing Family and Shifting Jobs

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This winter has been a busy one… the family is growing and Kota is going to have more jobs to do. Not only are the puppies gaining a ‘Dad’ when I get married this summer, they are going to be gaining a two-legged sibling this fall. Although Kota figured out something is different, he is not quite sure what is going on. All he is sure of is that he is having more fun as his new ‘Dad’ has started running and he gets to join him. Kota takes a different toy with him each time, first it was a football, then a Frisbee, and the last time it was a lid from a 5-gallon bucket. This new routine will hopefully help in the months to come. Annie has been slowly taking over Kota’s role in working for me. She is very protective and doesn’t want to leave my side, so Kota has been letting her work.


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