May Tip – Ways You and Your Pet Can Get Happy

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We’ve previously talked about the positive impact of being happy and the negative impact of stress. But, how can we achieve happiness and reduce stress in our busy lives?

Dr. Mercola recently published a post on this topic in which he gives some great tips for achieving happiness. His 9 tips for a quick mood boost are listed below and many apply to both us and our dogs!

  1. Get up and get moving – Excessive inactivity increases the risk of depression, while exercise causes the release of feel-good substances.
  2. Get outdoors – Exposure to bright outdoor light enhances mood and improves energy.
  3. Reach out to others – Having relationships improves well-being. Reach out to your friends and schedule a play date for the dog!
  4. Complete a task you’ve been avoiding – You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment!
  5. Organize and de-clutter – Clutter can lead to internal discord for us and our pets.
  6. Do a good deed – Helping others provides a natural mood boost.
  7. Smile – Even if you have to fake it at first, that smile will eventually come naturally and be accompanied by happy thoughts. And, when you smile at others, they may smile back, creating a positive feed-back loop for you both! It’s much easier to smile and to engage with others when you are with your pet.
  8. Donate something – Donating naturally makes you feel good.
  9. Learn something new – You and your pet might both benefit from learning something new together.

Dr Mercola also lists various foods that can boost your mood. For more information, read his post at


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