October 2013 Tip – Brush or Comb Your Dog

Brushing dog

Regular brushing and/or combing of your dog’s hair is important for several reasons. It helps to build a relationship between you and your dog, improves your dog’s circulation, keeps your dog looking tidy, removes loose and dead hair (leaving less hair to find its way to floors and furniture), and allows for early identification of skin problems. Different techniques and tools may be required for grooming different breeds of dogs, so check breed books, ask breed or grooming experts, or visit the internet for tips on how to groom dogs of different breeds and with different hair types. A good general overview can be found at http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-brush-your-dog.html If your dog isn’t cooperative at first, don’t give up. Do a little grooming each day and most dogs will eventually allow you to do a full grooming in one session!



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