The 1-Day a Week Boost to your Dog’s Health

Puppy Eating

Nutrition is the foundation of good health for people and their pets.

If you feed your dog a kibble or canned dog food diet, you may find significant benefit in supplementing with fresh whole foods. Even the highest cost commercial food cannot provide all of the fragile, crucial nutrients your dog needs to live his best life.

Steve Brown, developer of Steve’s Real Food and author of Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet, has proposed a 1-day-a-week diet that can boost your dog’s health. He lists the benefits of feeding a nutritionally complete ancestral diet as healthier cells, better brain function, better eye health, a stronger heart, weight management, and reduced risk of health problems in general. See Steve’s book for more information on each of these benefits.

The basic diet can be fed once a week and consists of beef heart, sardines, eggs, vegetables and fruit. The regular kibble diet is feed the other six days. You can find Steve Brown’s recipes for once a week and daily home-prepared diets in his book.


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