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The NES Animal Scan

Imagine a quick, easy, and painless scan that can identify distortions that could potentially affect your current and future health. Then, imagine easy, painless techniques that could be used to correct those distortions even before physical disease develops.  The technology to do that is available NOW!

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We are all familiar with standard medical techniques that measure electrical activity on the surface of the body and use the results to identify distortions that need attention.  For example, an EKG measures the electrical activity in the heart and the EEG measures the electrical activity in the brain. In both cases, electrodes are attached to the skin and the observed energetic or electrical patterns are compared with standard or ‘normal’ patterns to identify distortions. In a similar manner, a NES scan measures the energy and information in your body field and matches it to a standard set of energy and information patterns to identify deviations or distortions.

The NES body scanning technology is based on the science of quantum physics. Quantum physics tells us that our bodies are NOT mere machines with individual parts (e.g., the stomach, heart, liver) that work independent of each other. Instead, we are actually a vast network of cells and molecules that interact with each other and with the world around us by constantly exchanging energy and information. It is this energy and information that determine how the body operates or performs and is the foundation for the study of epigenetics.

The NES scan is performed by using a simple handheld device that scans the body field and transfers the data to software that returns more than 150 results. These results show the energetic and informational status of major organs and organ systems and provide data on environmental and nutritional influences, among other things. Distortions are shown in priority order so that they can be addressed in the most efficient sequence. The focus is not on diseases or symptoms, but the source of distortions across the entire body field and how best to address them.

Distortions are addressed by the use of oral liquid products called infoceuticals that re-introduce the correct information into the distorted body filed. The body accesses this information to correct the distortions. A handheld device called the miHealth is used to rejuvenate the body’s energy, release trigger points, and correct energy flow. In a segment on The Doctor’s Show (CBS) they referred to miHealth as “the brand new device you can’t live without.”

NES Health and its products do not cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat disease. Instead, the NES program allows a qualified NES practitioner to see beyond symptoms, to clearly distinguish the source distortions across your entire body field, and to address them specifically.

The NES program has mapped the body field for humans, dogs, cats, and horses.  So, you and your animals can benefit from this technology.  For more information on the NES system and how you can obtain a free scan (limit of 5) or to express an interest in our upcoming study assessing similarities and difference in the scans of people and their pets, please contact Mary Duafala at

The NES Animal Scan

The NES Animal Scan


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