March 2016 Tip – The Science of Happiness

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This one’s for the human part of the people-pet partnership. Happiness is good for us and our pets and there is one sure way to find happiness – stop complaining!

Did you know that thoughts reshape our brain and our reality? The more we think the same thought, the brain changes structure to make it easier for us to think that thought again. And, the more we think that thought, the more it becomes our default personality, intelligence, skill, aptitude, behavior. So, if a person falls into a pattern of complaining, complaining will become his default behavior and belief. If, on the other hand, a person strives to see the good or happy side of events, he will reshape his brain to make happiness his default behavior. But, the impact goes beyond happiness. Negativity and complaining cause stress and stress causes the body to release cortisol and too much cortisol will interfere with learning and memory, lower immunity, increase weight and blood pressure and generally make a person sick and, ultimately, lower his life expectancy. So, be happy!

arf SBS March 16

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