How to Administer Liquid Medication or Milk Replacer

Many people administer liquid medications to their pets through an oral or dose syringe as this is a good way to insure that the pet gets the full dose. Oral syringes can also be used to administer milk replacer to neonates or young puppies. However care must be taken to administer the liquid slow enough for the pet to swallow the liquid comfortably. Liquids administered too quickly, with the head in the incorrect position, or to a dog who is not alert may be aspirated or inhaled into the lungs and lead to aspiration or inhalation pneumonia. A great video on the proper technique for administering liquids can be found at

Symptoms of aspiration pneumonia include cough, runny nose, vomiting, regurgitation, fever, rapid or difficult breathing, difficulty swallowing, increased heart rate, loss of appetite, and low energy. (for information on aspiration pneumonia, see for more information).

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