Energy Hacks – Water

Energy Hacks – Water


Energy Hacks for a Supercharged Body: Step 1 – ‘Structured’ Water

Who isn’t tired? Good news – there are 7 easy strategies available to supercharge your body through something called ‘energy hacking’.  Energy hacking is optimizing your performance, health, and wellbeing with the help of technology and biological tools.

In a previous blog post we discussed things that drain our energy and 7 easy energy hacks to allow for abundant free-flowing energy required for optimal health and performance ( The first energy hack we’ll discuss is structured water.

We all learned that water or H2O is available as ice, liquid, or vapor. New research from Gerald Pollack, PhD, Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington shows that there is a fourth phase of water – a gel, which is referred to as EZ or structured water. In the lab, with increasing temperature, water moves from ice, to EZ, to liquid, to vapor. In the body, EZ water gel forms where water touches the surface of cells. EZ water lines all the cells of the body, turning them into batteries that fuel mitochondria (the cell’s energy generator) and turning the body into an energy grid. EZ water also stores and transmits information, much like a computer chip.

There are several easy ways to ‘charge’ water and supercharge the body.

  1. Consider the source – The earth naturally produces structured water through melting of ice and underground flow. Glacial, spring, volcanic, artesian, mineral, and sparkling waters are excellent sources of structured water. Water stored in glass retains it purity, but water stored in plastic does not.
  2. Drink chilled water – Water at about 39 degrees is closer to the EZ phase – the phase between ice and liquid,
  3. Create a vortex – the mechanical action of stirring creates a vortex and increases the formation of EZ water.
  4. Juice – Juicing puts pressure on plant cells, extracting their EZ water.
  5. Soak up the sun – Light increases water’s structure. Exposing the body to sunlight or infrared light increases the amount of structured water in the body. Exposing drinking water to sunlight increases the structure in the exposed water.
  6. Go negative – Structured water has a negative charge and exposure to negative charges enhances the amount of structured water in the body. The body is exposed to negative charges via the consumption of antioxidants (including antioxidant-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables) and grounding (e.g., by walking barefoot on the earth).
  7. Add precise energetic information to water – NES infoceuticals ( ) deliver precise energetic information to cells to improve their performance.

To learn more about research on the fourth phase of water and its importance to your health, view Dr. Pollack’s YouTube video at .  Skeptics might find the following essay of interest . For all the scientific details, Gerald Pollacks research is presented in his book The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor ( ).


Dog with a Job – Sometimes you just have to goof off!

Dog with a Job – Sometimes you just have to goof off!

Kota has been teaching Annie and Jake how to find wildlife, but sometimes a guy just has to take a break and have fun!

Kota is really good at finding scat and scent posts, but still needs a little work in letting me know what he found.  He’s also teaching Annie and Jake how to work with us. We work on the trails and at home almost every chance we get. On this trip Kota was pointing out coyote sign and black bear sign earlier in the day, but sometimes, you just have to goof off! Kota decided to have fun splashing the other two dogs, me, and my friend with the camera. He was running straight at us full speed through the water, then at the last second he would change direction. We were all soaked but having fun. When we got back to the buildings, he was a little upset that the humans had to use the facilities. He was letting us know by yelling his disapproval at us, and Jake decided to join in.

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The Only Difference is What Their Mother Ate!

The Only Difference is What Their Mother Ate!

MiceIt takes more than good genes for good health. This point is dramatically demonstrated in this short video showing two mice from the same mother, but different litters. The two mice are genetically identical, have eaten the same diet since birth, and were raised in exactly the same environment. The only difference is the diet the mother ate during her pregnancy! Not only do these mice look different, but along with being obese, the yellow one is at higher risk of developing diabetes and cancer. In contrast, the brown mouse is leaner and less likely to develop these diseases.

The effect of environment on gene expression is called epigenetics. Genes can be likened to computer hardware and epigenetics to the software. Put another way, DNA has the instructions; epigenetics is how those instructions are read.

The importance of epigenetics goes beyond diet. Chemicals from our environment as well as chemicals produced by our bodies bind to our DNA every second of every day and affect how our genes are read. These chemicals determine if the gene is turned on or off – they even determine how much it is turned on. This is why we at arf think that good nutrition, minimizing exposure to potential toxins (including vaccines, medications, and environmental toxins) and joyful living are so important to achieving and maintaining good health.


Welcome to the Healthy Dog Blog!

Welcome to the Healthy Dog Blog!

Welcome to the Healthy Dog Blog, devoted to helping our dogs reach their highest potentials and live healthier, happier, longer lives!  Three principles support this objective and will be explored in more depth in our future posts: good parentage, following the four basic rearing guidelines outlined below, and the use of holistic modalities.

Parentage, meaning the dog’s parents or ancestors, is at the core of our dog’s health. However parentage does not provide a rigid blueprint for the future. The effects of parentage can be modified or strengthened by applying the four rearing guidelines and by the use of holistic modalities. These rearing guidelines are:

  • Nutrition – Feed a high-quality, whole-foods, species appropriate diet
  • Vaccines –  Administer only essential vaccines on a reasonable schedule
  • Toxins  – Minimize exposure to toxins
  • Joyful living – Engage your dog, both mentally and physically, in activities that enrich his life

The final principle is the use of holistic modalities when appropriate. Compared with conventional allopathic medicine, holistic modalities often offer a safer and gentler approach to supporting, strengthening, and healing our dogs.

Thank you for visiting the Healthy Dog Blog! Please return often to review new posts. You may also want to sign-up for email notification of our latest tips and information.

How to Raise a Healthier, Happier, Longer-Lived Dog

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