Touch is Healing

Image of several friendsv hands on sand in the form of circle

Image of several friendsv hands on sand in the form of circleTouch is healing

Can one hour a week of polarity therapy, massage, acupressure, therapeutic touch and/or foot reflexology lower your blood pressure, relieve depression, decrease your risk of cancer, increase energy and help you sleep better?

The answer is yes to all of the above.

Today, bodywork plays an important role in medicine, healthcare, sports, physical fitness and psychotherapy. Therapeutic touch, founded by Dolores Krieger, strongly believes that the body’s energy field becomes unbalanced during injuries and illnesses. Therefore, therapeutic touch balances and restores a person’s vital energy.

Ongoing research into touch and touch therapies has become progressive and well-established. The Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami’s School of Medicine is actively involved in research that focuses on areas such as touch for newborns, reducing pain through bodywork and lymphatic healthcare through massage.

Even the United States Army funded a study that demonstrated that therapeutic touch eases pain and stress in burn patients. Read More HERE

Thanks to Dr. Mary Jo Ruggieri and the Institute of Holistic Health Careers for this post!


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