Welcome to the Healthy Dog Blog!


Welcome to the Healthy Dog Blog, devoted to helping our dogs reach their highest potentials and live healthier, happier, longer lives!  Three principles support this objective and will be explored in more depth in our future posts: good parentage, following the four basic rearing guidelines outlined below, and the use of holistic modalities.

Parentage, meaning the dog’s parents or ancestors, is at the core of our dog’s health. However parentage does not provide a rigid blueprint for the future. The effects of parentage can be modified or strengthened by applying the four rearing guidelines and by the use of holistic modalities. These rearing guidelines are:

  • Nutrition – Feed a high-quality, whole-foods, species appropriate diet
  • Vaccines –  Administer only essential vaccines on a reasonable schedule
  • Toxins  – Minimize exposure to toxins
  • Joyful living – Engage your dog, both mentally and physically, in activities that enrich his life

The final principle is the use of holistic modalities when appropriate. Compared with conventional allopathic medicine, holistic modalities often offer a safer and gentler approach to supporting, strengthening, and healing our dogs.

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How to Raise a Healthier, Happier, Longer-Lived Dog

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